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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Home study update

I wish I was more of a writing to be able to journal this process, but it is just not a gift given to me.  I do have some exciting updates.  As of Oct 29th we have submitted everything we need to do for the home study.  It is now in the process of getting approved.  I have no idea how long that takes, but I have been checking my email so often hoping for news that we are approved.  I don't doubt that we will get approved I just am excited for it to happen because when it does we are in the waiting stage and that means that we can be linked with a birth mom at any time.  Our family could be larger this Christmas.  We most likely will not get connected that soon, but it is possible.  This process took longer that we anticipated for a few reasons.  On is that our home school got off to a rocky start this year.  I was so busy with school for the first weeks in September I had no time to spend on the home study.  In October Dan was sent to North Carolina for 3 weeks for work.  Hopefully I'll have an update soon stating the Home study is approved.

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