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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The homestudy

We are almost done with the home study.   All we have left to do is finish reading a few articles, write up summaries said articles and make another payment to the agency.  We also need to trim photos and glue them into the 25 portfolios that the agency printed out and will hand to birth mothers.  I want to give a big shout out and thanks to my friend Tara of Leigh Wells Photography
for donating her time and taking some great photos of us for our profile. Please think of her for any photography needs.
Our next step will be waiting to be picked.  That could take weeks or months or a year.  It will be in Gods hands.
Please don't forget to use our link to purchase things through amazon.  We earned $180.00 so far!  What a blessing that is to us.  We also plan to have another fundraiser.  It will be easy for anyone interested in helping.  All they will have to do is go to eat at Chili's on Rochester Rd on a specified date with a premade flyer and we will get 10% of your total sales!  How cool is that.  A win win for Chili's and us.  I will post more as we get closer to the date, but first I need to figure out what that date will be :)


  1. Life's journey and adventure is so much more than a walk around the block in a suburban neighborhood. It is more like blazing a trail in the woods, some parts are padded down by other's steps taken before us and parts undiscovered gems. As you learned in back packing to look ahead for bends in the wood, you are seeing the new path of this new addition coming to your home, Lord willing in His perfect time. Praying that your awe and sense of wonder as you keep going is always fresh with the dew of the Lord's grace. What a process!