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Saturday, April 14, 2012

It begins :)

I have been surprised to feel anxiety after I last posted.  My thoughts ranged from "It's really out there now and we have to follow through with this" to "My family is perfect just the way it is, are we going to ruin it by adding another baby/child to the mix."  I didn't expect those feelings.  Up to that point it had been just excitement with no reservations.  I soon remembered feelings of ruining our perfect family during my last two pregnancies so I was comforted that this was a normal feeling.
A week went by and the feelings went away and the joy came back.  Then we got the blessed surprise of a check from a generous friend allowing us to start the process.  So we called the agency we chose to work with and made our initial appointment for this Tuesday.  The excitement is definitely back!


  1. I know you will understand it is not the same, but similar, in that I have the same feelings when we decide to bring another dog into our family. The excitement in saving a life mixes with the anxiety of "Am I being selfish, and a detriment to my family, because I want to do this?" The adjustment does produce stress. The expansion does tax, and the fitness of our family always shows its strength as we bounce back, but forward, into a whole new experience of happiness. I wish a perfect level of fitness for you and D and E and B and M and G...xo