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Monday, April 30, 2012

Assisgned a caseworker

We are officially done with our formal application, and we have been assigned to a case worker. Sounds kinda important.  I'm not sure that it is, but it does feel like an accomplishment and one more step closer to holding our son in our arms.  Yes we are planning on adopting a son. Is anyone surprised?  I thought not.  :) 

On a side note, I have recently purchased a used sewing machine from a friend.  I have enjoyed making a craft for the girls.  It is a marker/colored pencil holder for the car.  I am thinking about making some to sell for a minimum donation of $10.00. I do have one other fabric that is blue, but I could buy some more boy fabrics if anyone is interested.  I can make one for crayons, but I chose colored pencils with the hopes of them not melting in the car.  Let me know if you would be interested. 


  1. We were going to adopt a girl. We have since adopted THREE boys : ) Love to see HIS plan work out in our lives!

  2. Yes, that is why I stated that we plan on adopting. Gods plans certainly don't always line up with our own!